Nate Smith 

executive Chef/Owner

Born and raised in Santa Cruz, California, Nate started cooking at the local community college to pick up some extra credits for high school. It Immediately developed into a passion and after graduation, he began working as a dishwasher at a local French restaurant so that he could learn. He worked there for four years moving through all the stations before moving to Boston to work for a high end catering company. Since then he has graduated from The Culinary Institute Of America, and has worked/trained under some highly regarded chefs, most notably Chefs David Kinch And Michael Mina.  

“My passion for food goes hand in hand with my passion for culture, art and craftsmanship. As I study new cuisines and dishes, I simultaneously learn about the culture and how the cuisine reflects it. My goal as a chef is to create an experience that is very engaging, unique and most importantly memorable. I want to show people a side of food they’ve never seen before. I want to inspire them to think about food and hospitality differently from a convivial standpoint as well as a creative and artistic one."