Our pop-ups are a very fun and approachable way to experience our cuisine without the need to host or attend one of our private events. They also offer a chance for our team to get more creative than usual and serve up some really fun and whimsical creations and concepts that you might see on our catering menus...

We Like to play with different concepts or "Themes" in order to give a unique identity and personality to each one of our pop-ups. Below are a few of our current running concepts.

Cordelia is a modern California Restaurant with a focus on the terroir of the Bay Area through its pristine seafood and Game, as well as local biodynamic and wild 

ingredients prepared in a humble manner by Chef Nate Smith.


The Experience Consists of an "aperitivo" reception followed by a 6-9 course tasting menu based around the best local products available in that specific moment. Beverage pairings are also available


Balagan is an exciting, vibrant new concept inspired by our own Itamar Abramovitch's love for the food of his home country of Israel. 

When you attend a BALAGAN dinner you will find yourself surrounded by a plethora of classic Israeli/middle eastern dishes both classic and authentic as well as some fun, re-interpreted versions. Accompanied by fun music and a communal dining atmosphere, we can promise you will not have a bad night. Dancing on tables is not prohibited.

Join us every first Monday